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Embroidery is, in the opinion of those in the industry, a true art form. There are as many differences in embroidery as there are between grape juice and a fine wine. Apparel Art take great pride in producing true reproductions of a customer's art or logo and in addition, adding the artistic touch that makes the difference between just embroidery and embroidery art.

Few people tend to believe that the example on the left is produced in thread and cloth. To see an actual sample of this and many other fine reproductions of artistic thread cloth, visit us at 10854 Pellicano Drive, El Paso, Texas 79935. With 45 embroidery heads, Apparel Art is uniquely prepared to handle orders from 12 to 12,000 units in a timely fashion.

Call us today for a review of your embroidery needs at (915) 594-4499.

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